Tom Cassauwers’ portfolio

Here you can find an overview of my work. If all of this inspires you to hire me, feel free to send me a message at:


I write both in Dutch and in English, about a range of subjects. But most of my attention for now goes to Dutch-language articles about technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.


I regularly interview entrepreneurs and technologists for the site Bloovi, about everything from bootstrapping to blockchain.

My personal page on Bloovi


I also occasionally appear on DataNews (mostly in print), the technology magazine of Knack.

My personal page on DataNews

Some stories I covered:

MO* Magazine

For the internationally-oriented MO* Magazine I write about technology, and occasionally Brazil (where I lived before).

My personal page on MO* Magazine

Other stories

Besides that I write for a range of magazines and sites.

Some other stories I covered:


I also write in English. Some of my work you can find below.

Ozy Magazine

For Ozy Magazine I write about a variety of subjects, but particularly about technological trends. Sometimes I also try to explain Belgium to their readers.

Some of the stories I made:

Other stories

Some other English-language stories I got to write: